Ann Arbor Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally Draws 375 Hardy Souls!

Posted by Sandie Weathers (October 26, 2012 at 1:53 pm)

Ann Arbor rallyMore than 375 hardy souls rallied for their Religious Freedom at the Ann Arbor Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally, held on Saturday, Oct. 20th at Concordia University despite the cold temperature and the threat of more rain, as part of the nationwide rally which took place in over 140 communities in the United States. Following a pre-rally prayer service and short March to the Rally Site lead by the Knights of Columbus Color Corp, the enthusiastic crowd was welcomed by Professor Charles Schulz of Concordia University, who also serves as pastor of St Thomas Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor.

Emcee Kara Coulter, from Ave Maria Radio, honored the Veterans, Clergy and Religious, then Coulter read a statement from Bishop Earl Boyea, of the Catholic Diocese of Lansing, which reads, “Thanks for the invite but I will be at Cotton Prison that morning. Please know however of my prayers. Greet all there for me and tell them that I hope someone will visit me when I am in prison when the restrictions on religious freedom are simply too grave.”

Ron Edwards, Host of “The Edwards Notebook”, told the crowd, “our freedoms come from God and we need to continue to remind our government that they didn’t give us anything, that they are our servants.” Despite everything that is currently happening, Edwards remains optimistic about the future as he knows the end of the story, “God win and they don’t.” Ron closed by saying that “I must thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for not only calling me into His army but for allowing me to live, as I too was a potential abortion victim, but my birth mother was persuaded to give me up for adoption. Thank God.”

Knights of ColumbusPastor Charles Schulz speaking on the root principle of people of faith in a pluralistic society said, “we seek the good of society, but within the limit of conscience, for conscience knows what true good is’. Schulz continued, “Conscience will not abide that we do evil, even if other people tell us that some greater good will come from it. There is no necessary conflict between Church and State, but when State trespasses in matters of heart and conscience the conflict necessarily arises.”

Cynthia Kallgren, candidate for the U.S. House representing the MI 12th Congressional District reminded us of the words of Thomas Jefferson, who said, “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the Rights of Conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.” Kallgren’s opponent is incumbent, John Dingill, one of the chief authors of “obamacare”.

Suzanne Abdalla, Director of the Catholic Urban Project thrilled the audience with her sign.’Keep Your Ovaries off my Rosaries’ which Abdalla said is a direct response to the message the pro-abortion people have used for years, ‘keep your rosaries off my ovaries.’

Included among the other presenters were Pastor Ted Jungkuntz from St Luke Lutheran Church, Father Ed Fride and Deacon Larry Randolph from Christ The King Catholic Church, Sister Gail Lancaster from the Servants of God’s Love Community, Victoria Criswell and Joe Lipa from U of M Students For Life, and Karen Walacavage from Washtenaw County Right to Life.

Little girl with American flagRally organizer, Sandie Weathers with Prolife Action Network, introduced the six winners of the Ann Arbor Stand Up For Religious Freedom Essay Contest. Junia Schulz, a kindergartener and Daniela Schulz a fourth grader who both attend St. Paul Lutheran School, Gianna Schubert a 2nd grader who is homeschooled, Anna Schubert a 6th grader at Spiritus Sanctus Academy, Kellie Majcher a senior at Father Gabriel Richard High School and Tori Criswell a junior at U of M, were all awarded cash prizes and invited to read their essay at the rally. Second grader, Gianna Schubert told those gathered, “I need to protect my religious freedom by praying and fasting.”

“We’ve been appealing to President Obama all year to rescind the HHS Mandate,” said spokesperson, Beth Smith, “but our words have fallen on deaf ears. Now we’re calling on the voters of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County and far beyond to defend their religious freedom in the voting booth on Election Day.”

The Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rallies have drawn participants from over 90 churches and over 80 cities and towns in Washtenaw County and far beyond.

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