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Bringing Reality to HHS Mandate Debate at Charlotte Stand Up Rally

Posted by Anthony Perlas (October 20, 2012 at 4:45 pm)

This long presidential campaign has brought out a concrete difference between not only the candidates but also between Americans.

Charlotte Rally

Joseph P Lindsey, President of Milestone Investments and Board of Trustees at Belmont Abbey College

The self image we hold of the United States is that we are unique in the world with our personal and religious liberties. Many domestic national policies are created with this in mind.

Perhaps it is ironic then that on the eve of a potential victory for national health care- a staple national policies in other nominally catholic countries such as Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal- that the Catholic Church has found itself on the defensive as this national health care also contains a proviso that will force them to pay for abortion and contraception.

The Catholic Church has had to tolerate abortion and contraception being tolerated, legalized, and promoted, for the last several decades. Now that the Catholic Church is faced with the prospect of these options now becoming mandatory and forced down their throats.

The United States government is poised to force Catholic Charities and Universities to fund human abortions and contraception by their employees. This is like forcing Animal-Rights organizations such as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to subsidize abusive cattle ranching, or requiring the radical Earth Liberation Front to subsidize chainsaws for logging old growth forests.

However we are not criticizing PETA or ELF at a national level. It is now the Catholic Church and every single Christian who opposes the violation of their religious liberty that will find themselves the target of politically motivated criticism. This is because Vegans and Animal Rights activists have become more respectable and liked by many leaders then religious organizations like the Catholic Church and other conservative Christians.

This modern culture of hostility towards religious freedom not stopped a national rally for religious freedom from taking place in October.

In numerous cities from San Francisco, to Chicago, to Charlotte tens of thousands of people in favor of religious liberty have taken to the streets to defend their religious rights from having irreligious values from being forced on them.

Co-Hosts Maria Abbe and Patrick Yodzis

The Charlotte Rally for Religious Freedom had an innovating display of skill and idealism. Many local Americans from the Charlotte area including college students from Belmont Abbey came together from 12PM to 1PM on South Tryon Street in a rally that included about 40 people.

This peaceful and reverent rally also included Tricia Stevenson, Campus Ministry Director of Belmont Abbey. Also attending was Joey Lindsely on the Board of Trustees of Belmont Abbey.

Speakers included Joseph Lindsey and Dan Trapini a member of Knights of Columbus. Another speaker on the ethical aspect non-religious ethics in protecting unborn human life was Dan Gallagher a local Financial Planner and author of the Pleistocene Redemption.

Singing the national anthem and other hymns was Benetta Witteveen.

Bennetta Witteveen singing the national anthem

Also assisting was Katrina Sison Aveno and Rock & Load Clothing.

This rally was hosted by Anthony Perlas of the Photo/Video business Seroptics and current student of Belmont Abbey. Co-hosts were Patrick Yodzis and Maria Abbe.

Promotional videos by Seroptics promoting this Rally Promotional videos included many Belmont Abbey college students such Kelsey Teague in athletics, Adam Hedges, Meagan Gitchell and Theresa Donahue both skilled dancers, Nolan Albrecht and Elizabeth Wise, Maddy Madrid, and Laura Bella Parry a professional model.

Signs were lifted, hymns were sung, people were rallied.

Approximately sixty guests at a wedding across the street spilled out on the opposite sidewalk and took photographs. Even though people walking by seemed more interested in taking photographs of their selves in front of the memorable reflective statue of ‘Firebird’ in front of the Mint Museum rather then giving attention to the rally the point was made.

Dan Trapini - Knights of Columbus

Christian opposition to the coming violation of their religious freedoms was here, proud, and not going to go quietly back into the religious closet where many would prefer that Christians go back inside of.

Christians are not afraid of the oncoming violation of religious freedom; there is nothing new under the sun as one writer put it.

It is important now, at this rather confusing moment in national policy a brief history in a nutshell what the Catholic attitude towards immoral national domestic policy.

Previously the Catholic Church had found itself virtually alone as the voice crying in the wilderness in its opposition to human slavery in the United States. In that environment of 18th century America which was virulently Anti-Catholic and anti African-American the Catholic Church was one of the few voices preaching against slavery.

Liberty was increasingly violated on a national level by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. This forced even freedom loving states to support slavery. However even in those dark times it was freedom loving Catholics in Canada which welcomed African-Americans fleeing enslavement in the United States.

The Pro-Slavery national domestic policy ironically forced the issue and led to a national domestic policy mandate to protect the rights of African-Americans.

This occurred during reconstruction when thousands of African-Americans were voted into national office.

This also occurred when President Eisenhower nationally enforced the right of African-American school children by deploying the armed National Guard in 1957.

From 1850 to 1957 there was a broad shift in national policy- from favoring the enslavement of Africa-Americans to later their integration.

However once this issue was begun to be decided at a national level its cessation gradually came about thanks to preaching, mercy, and Christians coming out of their religious closets and willing to be annoying and unpopular in order to protect liberty.

That was just one issue. On other issues such as abortion and contraception the Catholic Church found even more Christian allies.

Almost all of these allies soon melted away in the overheated 20th century with the debated reality of the dangers of legalizing contraception and abortion.

Birth Control and Abortion in America was largely legalized through the overt efforts of Margaret Sanger an admirer of eugenics who wanted to promote birth control and abortion in African-American communities in order to limit their population.

Covertly the acceptance of birth control and abortion was expanded to the rest of America. Americans found it convenient in the relaxing of morality starting in 1940’s to use birth control and abortion to protect an urban culture which increasingly tolerated sexual libertines.

The debate was not lost because Catholicism could not make a logical case against human abortion and contraception, the debate was lost because the vast majority of people liked having it as an option and preferred it be that way on a national scale.

Regardless of winning a debate, Christians still continue to hold rallies and vote for candidates, preaching, and praying.

Many Christians will continue to be perceived as annoying, contrary, and not agreeing with anti-freedom attitude that what once was banned should be option, and what was once optional should be mandatory.

They are not going silently into that good night, and they are not going to remain hidden in the political closet. After all, why would they?

They would no sooner agree with the violation of their freedom any more then a vegan restaurant would agree with being forced to serve hamburgers.

Article by Raphael Winters

More photos can be found at http://seroptics.com/srally.html

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2 Responses to “Bringing Reality to HHS Mandate Debate at Charlotte Stand Up Rally”

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