At Least 675 Stand Up for Religious Freedom in Columbus, Ohio

Posted by Ruth Yorston (June 11, 2012 at 3:30 pm)

With at least 675 in attendance, Columbus Ohio saw more than a 50% increase in participation at our second Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally.  Waving American flags, beginning with prayer and the National Anthem, rally participants gathered to hear speakers representing Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Evangelical, and Jewish faithful to educate and inspire them to stand strong in the defense of our religious liberties.

Alicia Healy gave an impassioned speech about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, reminding us that “We are fighting for our God-given rights and liberties under our constitution which grants limited and enumerated powers to the federal government. No power has been granted over health care, reproduction, or any such thing. As Jefferson said, ‘We must bind him [the government] down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.’

Rabbi Cary Kozberg shared the story of Moses Seixas’ correspondence with President George Washington upon the visitation of the newly-elected first president’s visit to New Port RI.  In his letter, Siexas penned these now famous words to describe how he saw the United States:  “a Government which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance—but generously affording to All liberty of conscience, and immunities of citizenship”.  Rabbi Kozberg expressed concern that the Jewish Center that he works for may one day soon face a mandate that would require them to no longer practice their faith because they serve not only Jews but people of other faiths – or no faith.  In a moving expression of solidarity, rally captain Ruth Yorston asked Rabbi Kozberg to look at the hundreds of people before him and promised that “If and when the day comes when you are forced to decide between being an American and a Jew, we will stand with you”.  Click here to see the video of Rabbi Kozbert’s comments.

Every speaker reiterated the point that this battle with our government is not about any particular faith, abortion, abortifacients or sterilization, but about our battle to protect our right to religious freedom – a freedom that is granted by God Himself and recognized and affirmed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Click here to visit the Greater Columbus Right to Life You Tube Channel and view the vidoes of all of the rally speakers.

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