Doctors, Lawyers, Legislators, Professionals& Religious Rally Together

Posted by Janell Harbaugh (June 7, 2012 at 3:25 pm)

HOWELL, MI – Rally planners are overwhelmed with support.  In Livingston County Michigan the outpouring of goodwill has created a wave of encouragement that will be a force to regain Americans’ freedom to practice  religion as individuals define it, not as a government agency defines it.

The grassroots Howell Rally will educate about the ramifications of the HHS mandate. The mandate requires those who believe contraceptive and abortion-inducing drugs harm women and end lives to purchase and provide these drugs to others.

Speakers will share the reality of the unconstitutional HHS infringement upon religious practice and conscience from the point of view of doctors, lawyers, insurance professionals, legislators, and religious employers from many denominations. Speakers include:

  • Rev. Dr. Richard Alberta, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • Tom Loewe, Development Director at Ave Maria Communications
  • Ed Rivet, Legislative Director for Right to Life 
  • Clark Durant, running for Senate and CEO of the independent Cornerstone Schools in Detroit
  • Cynthia Dudek who has testified in the Michigan House and Senate regarding health insurance
  • Deacon Jerry Brennan, Lawyer and Director of the Lansing Diaconate, and his wife Ronnie Brennan who is mother, grandmother and former educator
  • Rev. Dr. Del Belcher Pastor of Pathway Community Church in Brighton
  • Dr.s Dunegan and Walters of Hometown Healthcare in Brighton
  • La Rae MunkP.C. Lawyer and representative for the Alliance Defense Fund
  • Eric Restucci, Deputy Solicitor General
  • Father Lobert, Chaplain for Father Gabriel Richard High School

A highlight from the March rally in Howell, Fr. Mark Rutherford, what this is not about:

With the outpouring of support, there are inevitably those who are afraid of the momentum.  A couple of emails have attempted to divert the purpose. These people cannot see the reality through their own agenda.  But the freedom fighters will not be distracted. We will advocate for their freedom to dissent.  We will fight for the constitution.  We will Stand Up for Religious Freedom.

Additional information:

Rally location:  Historic Howell Courthouse, 200 E. Grand River, 48843.  Find us on Facebook!

Read the article in the Livingston County Press & Argus

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