Life Report Podcast Features Stand Up Rally Effort

Posted by Matt Yonke (June 5, 2012 at 10:41 am)

National Rally Co-Chairman Eric Scheidler and Pro-Life Action League communications Director Matt Yonke appeared with Josh Brahm on the most recent episode of the popular Life Report podcast to talk about the HHS Mandate and the Stand Up Rally effort.

This podcast is a great way to introduce friends to the problem with the HHS Mandate and what they can do to fight it!

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One Response to “Life Report Podcast Features Stand Up Rally Effort”

  1. Lawrence Pius says:

    The article in today’s paper says “Rallies to Extol Religious Freedom”

    Religious Freedom… really? …and what religious freedom are you referring to exactly? The freedom to force your narrowly defined will on a society not in agreement with your dictates?

    Sadly, this is exactly the sort of thing that your church has been heavily involved in for hundreds of years dating all the way back to the 12th century inquisitions and more recently in your attempts to force feed society your desire to prohibit alcohol consumption in the early 1920’s.

    Ironically, this sort of behavior was something that even Jesus was not in favor of. Where, for example, in your Bible does he admonish his followers to get involved in politics so as to be able to enforce his teachings through legislation? Such admonitions are nowhere to be found in mine. I always felt that his message was to lead by example while praying in the closet. I wonder if he would recognize his practices and teachings of your church today. Somehow I seriously doubt it.

    But the salient concept in my view is that while you are indeed almost totally free to do as you will within the walls of your church (within certain reasonable limits that even you would agree to), once you step outside of the door to that church to conduct private business, such as establishing schools and hospitals that are open to the public and supported by public funds; that you should justifiably be required to conform to the rules of that society and that such a requirement does not represent any kind of limits on your religious freedom in any manner whatsoever.

    Please allow me to digress for a moment to make an inquiry on another issue of equal importance in my view.

    Our society is embroiled as we speak in a desperate struggle to preserve the dignity and existence of our once economically powerful and vibrant American middle class; the true engine of a strong local and even global economy. The attack on this element is being waged by a very small but insidious group of radical and extremely wealthy billionaires who are blinded by a shamelessly misguided sense of selfish greed rarely experienced in our history. The major media proponents of this diabolical movement are the very same people listed on the home page of your web site as the ones to be contacted by your followers to help spread the word regarding the contraception issue that you are trying to promote. I know that politics makes strange bedfellows but how is it that your institution always seems to wind up on the wrong side of so many critical issues of the day?


    Lawrence J. Pius
    542 NW Lambrusco Dr
    Port Saint Lucie FL 34986
    (772) 626-7840 (866) 602-2347 fax

    PS. With regards to being pro-life; one wonders why you are not equally as vocal in your opposition to capital punishment; an unspeakably heinous practice where so many innocent people have been put to death over the years by state sanctioned murder? How about a rally next weekend?

    June 7th, 2012 at 8:42 am