Mr. Potts would have been proud! POTTSTOWN, PA.

Posted by Teri Nyce (June 9, 2012 at 11:26 pm)

Pottstown rally logo

Pottstown, PA, Team of Love, showed with 125 beautiful souls, to stand up for our First Amendment, Religious Freedom.

Yes, Mr. John Potts, 1761 founder of Pottstown, friend of General George Washington, and landlord of the General’s Valley Forge Headquarters, would have been proud of our stand.

We were fortunate to conduct the rally at the lot of the 1725 Roller Mills building, with the 1925 Reading Railroad next door, and still in use, with train whistles filling the air, throughout the rally.

The day was just fabulous, with freedom-fighters, pro-life prayer warriors, and little ones waving their American flags.

The excellent speakers consisted of Rev. Bob Levins of New Covenant Church, Mr. Kevin Burke, MSS/LSW, MEV, of Rachel’s Vineyard, and Priests for Life, pro-life advocate, Mrs. Rita V. Smith, MEV, and songs by the angelic voice of high school student Miss Kathryn Ott.

Passersby learned our message quickly, with our signs, and decorations, along with our voices chanting, “We care about your freedom!”

Everyone is anxious to continue their Stand Up efforts, from home, and at the next rally. We supplied attendees with informative websites, and promised to guide them with helpful suggestions.

We ended our day praying the Holy Rosary, under white, puffy clouds, blue skies, and sunshine pouring down upon us.

Praise be to Jesus Christ.

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