Stand Up Ann Arbor MI – The Audacity to Stand in the Name of God

Posted by Steve Gendregske (June 11, 2012 at 6:56 pm)

We had at least 1,200 people in attendance. The Weather could not have been better. The speakers were outstanding.

I noticed one person walk away cursing, and later that day he called to apologize. A friend said someone walking through the area shoved her from behind.

Many of the comments posted on after the news article of our event were blocked because of inappropriate content. One commenter said “where is Nero when you need him”

Some notable quotes of many:

Pastor Levon Yuille of Ypsilanti Bible Church lead us with prayer saying “Yes, we have the audacity to stand in the name of God,”

Sr. Sarah Burdick of Servants of Gods Love said “I serve a king who has never been overthrown, one who has never been up for re-election,” she said. “I serve a king who will not be shackled by any government mandate. The government rests on his shoulders. He upholds all.”

As the Emcee Nick Thomm said, we had Clergy, doctors, CEO’s, Politicians and students, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox, Priests, Nuns, Professors, and Attorneys speaking.

And unlike ‘Occupy Wall street’, nobody was arrested!

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