Temecula, CA appearance and speech , State Senator Joel Anderson

Posted by Deb Kavanagh (June 15, 2012 at 1:36 pm)

Temecula , CA rally drew a crowd of over 200! That is outstanding considering all the events going on that day around the area, with graduations etc.

We started the rally a few minutes early because I wanted to share with the crowd a speech given by Ronald Reagan, before he became president and even before he became governor. The prophetic words of Ronald Reagan were so telling and I wanted to share this speech he gave on Socialized medicine back in 1961.

We had 8 great guest speakers; including Senator Joel Anderson, Kristina Garza from Survivors of Abortion Holocaust, Fr. Ed Gomez from St. James the Lesser Catholic Church in Perris CA, who led us in opening prayer. We had Dr. Theresa Stigen and her husband Shilo, who have a Naprotechnology business called Mystical Rose, w ho were educating the crowd on how advance we have become in natural family planning technology which I felt is significant in this culture of death where “contraception” is the pushed as the only method to planning pregnancy. Dr. Theresa Stigen was also on ETWN Radio June 9, the day after the rally.

Our singers were great, we had 4. Sarah Guyett- Kavanagh, led us all in “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” Angel Zarobinski singing her solo “Believe and Recieve, and a Pro-Life song performed by Jason Webb called “Song of a Child,” that brought tears to my eyes. Lauren Camfield, Temecula rally co-captain sang “Life Uncommon” by Jewel.

What our team also wanted to bring to the rally attendee’s, was an opportunity to get involved going forward. We had several Pro-Life ministries set up with information and way’s for people to get involved in the Pro-Life mission. Some of the ones that were there were, Pro-ject life. A Pro-Life life ministry started by the late Pastor Brent Yim. He went to Jesus last month and his beautiful wife Andrea Yim is carrying on this mission.

We also promoted the upcoming “Fortnight for Freedom rally” the Bishops are calling for, as well as the movie out right now that is timed so perfectly with what we are dealing with in this HHS mandate. “For Greater Glory” which I had the pleasure of seeing last night! One of our volunteers who handed out the movie brochures that were sent to us even shouted at the end of the rally, VIVA CRISTO REY! He saw it before the rally..

Our closing prayer was led by Stephen Estrada, a speaker at March 23rd rally, and survivor of late-term abortion attempt.

We also had repeal of SB 48 petitions and voter registration available and recieved a good amount of signatures for them.

We had great local coverage with main photo of my daugther Sarah Guyett-Kavanagh singing. Local news by Aaron Claverie from North County Times and Daniel Lane from Southwest Riverside News Network. The only issue I have with SWRNN is that he spelt my last name, Kavanagh with a C, during the interview, though he had me spell it out for him. :/

Some suggestions of rally attendee’s expressed a desire to do more! Which is great, and now that I have a good pool of contacts we plan to connect for a Pro-Life movement in our area.

One piece of sad news that has developed in the last few weeks is the recent opening for the first time in our area, a chemical abortion clinic, near by the last rally site. While we are saddened by this news, we are not lying still! Many of us are gathering together in prayer and peaceful protest Tuesday, June 12 from noon to 1pm.  All of the churches in the area will be setting up daily prayer vigil time slots and will not give up until we see this group go away! The location of this abortion facility is in front of Family Planning Associates 28991 Old Town Front St #103 Temecula, CA between Santiago and Temecula Parkway. Please pray for us here in Temecula!

Here is our video footage of the rally in Temecula, CA

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