Winston-Salem Citizens Rally against Obama’s HHS Mandate

Posted by Pattie Curran (June 12, 2012 at 10:43 am)

Concerned citizens gathered at the Hiram H Ward Federal Building in downtown Winston-Salem, NC to protest President Obama’s mandate requiring religious institutions and religious charities to cover abortion drugs, contraception and surgical sterilizations. Close to 150 people gathered on the plaza of the federal building and listened to speakers from the local area. Others stood along the street holding signs for passersby to see.

The Rev. Lucas Rossi, parochial vicar at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Winston-Salem, said that people were attending the rally as American citizens to safeguard their rights, especially their religious freedom. “A nation with a lost sense of its own history is doomed to be governed by tyranny and fear,” Fr. Rossi said.

Joyce Krawiec recalled the poem by Pastor Niemoller where he describes how he did not speak up for the trade unionists, the Jews, the Catholics or anyone else. When the Nazis came for him, there was no one left to speak up for him. She told the crowd, “We are all Catholics now.”

The crowd sang patriotic and religious songs between speakers while holding signs that said, “Stop Obama’s HHS mandate”, “We Stand with the Catholic Church”, “Contraception is not a Right” and “Protect the first amendment”.  One sign had a portion of the first amendment written out.

Dave Goetze, known around the state as Major Dave, told the crowd a bit about the history of morality in this nation.

He reminded the crowd that our rights come from God and not from any government, then went on to say, “We stand together for the gift of religious freedom,” Goetze said. “We all need to show up, step up and speak up. You all are leaders in the conservative movement and its resurgence.”

The Rev. Larry Phillips, senior pastor of Midway Baptist Church in Mount Airy said,  “Well, Mr. President, we’re here today to say the First Amendment has served America well for 223 years, and in five months, your attack on religious freedom will come to end,” Phillips said as the crowd applauded.

To watch videos of the speakers at the Winston-Salem rally, visit A Catholic Life (videos listed under the label  “June 8 Rally”) To become involved in the Winston-Salem, NC Stand Up For Religious Freedom movement, like the Facebook Page: Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally, Winston-Salem, NC

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