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In addition to attending the October 20 Rally, there’s a lot you can do to help stop the HHS mandate. Letting your voice be heard standing up for religious freedom contributes a great deal to the fight. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

Pass out the HHS Mandate Fact Sheet

Get Your HHS Mandate Fact SheetHelp spread the word about just how bad this Mandate is with the HHS Mandate Fact Sheet [PDF].

This one page fact sheet has all the information you need to show your friends, family and associates the very real threat to our First Amendment freedoms the Mandate poses.

Speak out as a woman against the HHS Mandate

female symbolGeorge Mason Law School professor Helen Alvare, one of the most articulate opponents of the HHS Mandate, is calling on women to speak out against the Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate.

If you’re a woman, sign on to Professor Alvare’s “Open Letter to President Obama, Secretary Sebelius and Members of Congress: Don’t Claim to Speak for All Women” right here.

Call Your Congressman to Support the Rights of Conscience Act

Capitol buildingThe Rights of Conscience Act is currently before the House of Representatives. This measure would protect the rights of conscience of all employers—not just religious ones.

Over 200 Representatives have signed on. See if your Rep has here. If they have, call to thank them. If they haven’t, call them and ask them to support religious freedom by supporting the Rights of Conscience Act, HR 1179.

Not sure who your Representative is? Find out and write them here.

Sign the Petition

PenOur friends at Ave Maria Radio have put together a petition calling President Obama to live up to his promises about tolerance and respect for conscience.

Sign the “Stop the HHS Mandate” petition today and add your voice to the tens of thousands calling for an end to the egregious mandate.

Send a Letter to the Editor

Kid with paperWrite a letter to your local newspaper and expose the HHS mandate for the assault on freedom that it truly is.

The letter to the editor has a storied history as an organ of free speech in our democracy. Use it to let readers know that others in the community share their viewpoint.

For some information to make your letter fact-filled and informative, check out the HHS Mandate Fact Sheet, the HHS Mandate Q and A, Alliance Defending Freedom Obamacare and its Mandates Fact Sheet [PDF], and our latest press release.

Get the Word Out

BullhornUse the new media to share stories, spread the petition and spread the word about the HHS mandate and the rally by sharing the Rally Facebook community page, tweeting at hashtag #StandUpRally, via e-mail and comments on blogs and news stories.

To promote the Nationwide Rally on Facebook and other websites, use the information in the Rally press release, the HHS Mandate Q and A, Alliance Defending Freedom’s Obamacare and its Mandates Fact Sheet [PDF] and the HHS Mandate Fact Sheet.