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Over 100 Rally for Religious Freedom in Charlotte

Posted by Brice Griffin (June 15, 2012 at 8:00 am)

Over 100 concerned citizens gathered in protest in Charlotte on Friday, June 8, showing concern over the Obama administration’s HHS mandate.

Attendees showed support in applause when guest speaker Cindy Brown, Vice Chair of Feminists for Life, exclaimed that the so-called “war on women” is “categorically absurd!” And cheered when she explained that the “right to free exercise of religion is a fundamental right of all people, not a privilege granted by any government.”

The momentum built when Dr. Matt Harrison, from Northgate Family Practice, was introduced. Dr. Harrison’s practice does NOT prescribe birth control, nor does he prescribe Viagra outside of marriage. If an abortion-minded woman chooses life for her child, he will provide prenatal and delivery care free of charge. He summed up his position by saying, “The government wants me to be a gumball machine. Put in your premium and get a gumball!” [Continue reading …]

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