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June 8 Stand Up Rally at Chicago's Federal Plaza


In March, June and October of 2012, “Stand Up for Religious Freedom” rallies were held across the United States in protest of President Obama’s HHS Mandate. In all, 450 individual rallies were held in 230 cities and towns, with attendance topping 150,000 people.

These rallies energized widespread opposition to the HHS Mandate and drew extensive media coverage both locally and nationally with the issue of religious freedom front and center. You can read all about the rallies here:

Take Action: Learn more about the HHS Mandate here and find out all you can do to defend our cherished religious freedom here. And you can sign up for updates in the form on the upper right hand side of this page.

Future Rally Plans: The Stand Up for Religious Freedom Coalition is ready to return to the streets in opposition to the HHS Mandate as events unfold. Stay tuned here for updates!

Guidelines and Protocols: The Stand Up Rally effort was conducted under the following guidelines and protocols:

Rally Guidelines and Protocols

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom welcomes all participants, of whatever religious persuasion — and even those of no religious faith — who are united by support for and desire to protect the United States Constitution’s First Amendment right of religious liberty currently under attack by the HHS Mandate.

It is not the purpose of these Rallies to promote or advocate for any political party or political movement. Thus Rally participants are asked to not bring political party or candidate signage to the rallies or distribute such literature.

All those who attend are expected to comport themselves peacefully at all times while asserting their Constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

Families, even those with small children, should feel at home and comfortable attending this Rally.

If opposition protests are conducted, Rally participants will not engage counter demonstrators or hecklers with loud verbal argumentation, name-calling or derogatory remarks, nor will such opponents be physically engaged in any way.

Any interference with Rally participants’ rights to freedom of speech and assembly will be referred to police authorities by local Rally leaders.

If Rally participants are approached by media for comment, they should refer reporters and journalists to local rally coordinators for an interview.