How to Register Voters at the Stand Up Rally

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Check boxOn June 8, thousand of potential voters will be attending the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally. By registering these individuals to vote, we can help to bring about the kind of electoral change that may be necessary to stop the HHS Mandate once and for all.

Our friends at United in Purpose have provided the following tools for registering voters during the June 8 Stand Up Rally:

  • Set up a table manned by volunteers where people can register to vote. Create a sign to identify the table that says Register to Vote Here.
  • Download the Voter Registration Form. Make as many copies as you think you will need.
  • Download the National Voter Registration Manual to find the mailing info for your state. Note: Do not mail all the completed forms in one large envelope. Many states do not allow this. To be sure you are complying with state regulations, the forms must be mailed individually. You will put a sticker with the mailing address on the back of each form and ask each person to mail their own form.
  • Download and print copies of the Voter Registration Drive Flyer, which encourages people to host a Voter Registration Drive at their church. Have these available at the table.
  • Purchase mailing labels and print sheets of labels with the address for mailing voter registration forms in your state. Use the Labels tool in Microsoft Word to make this easier. Put a label on the back of each form. Ask each person who fills out a form to mail it, using the address on the back.