Huge Increase in Turnout at Stand Up Rally in Boise

Posted by Dustie Mulvany (June 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm)

WOW! What an amazing day we had — the rain held out until the finish of the rally and the sun shone.

We had about 200 people show up, about 50 more than the last rally on March 23. We also had 3 news teams that showed up which was 2 more than the first rally.

Since we were unable to obtain speakers we held a vigil with scripture readings, hymns and a psalm reading. We did take some time to allow a few people to come forward to let us know why they were there and what religious freedom meant to them.

We did have 1 Deacon to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church – Deacon Burney, of the few that did come forward to share their thoughts we had a Lutheran and Christ Baptist church representative, and Dr.Anthony Harper from IMC News. How wonderful it is to know they are also standing with the Catholic Church for their eyes are open.

It was great to stand with so many for the defense of religious freedom. Our Diocese was also holding a vocation fundraiser this day at one of the local golf courses, so I believe we could have had many more people to show up had this not been going on.

We look forward to the future and we are ready for the next call to action… God Bless to all, and thanks to Eric and Monica and everyone else who  helped to sponsor and support this great event and movement.

You can see pictures from the Boise rally here.

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