Hundreds Rally in Little Rock

Posted by Russell Hoerman (June 8, 2012 at 9:02 pm)

Hundreds gathered on the steps of the Capitol Building in downtown Little Rock for today’s Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally. The Associated Press estimates at least 500 attendees were at the rally, but rally organizers estimate the number was closer to 800.

Speakers included Jerry Cox of the Arkansas Family Council; Pastor Mark Evans of The Church at Rock Creek located in Little Rock; Most Rev. Anthony Taylor, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock; and Beth Anne Rankin, who has worked extensively in Arkansas in both the public and private sectors.

Each speaker addressed a different aspect of religious freedom. Mr. Cox talked about the historical significance of religious liberty; Pastor Evans called people to put their differences aside and focus on the way our religious freedom unites us; Bishop Taylor addressed how crucial it is that government not require people of faith to violate their conscience; and Ms. Rankin called Arkansans to action in making their concerns about religious liberty known to the federal government.

Prior to the rally, rally organizers circulated an open letter among Arkansas’ past and present lawmakers and prominent leaders. Many public officials signed the letter expressing their open support for religious liberty.

Despite vocal opposition from the group American Atheists and from people leaving comments on the rally’s Facebook page, few protesters actually came to the rally. According to some, a small handful of protesters gathered near the back of the crowd, but their presence was almost undetectable.

The rally enjoyed wide support from a variety of individuals representing multiple denominations and faith backgrounds, and all in all was an overwhelming success. Many pictures of the day’s events have been uploading to the rally’s Facebook page, and moving forward, rally organizers may use the rally’s website to continue to spread the word about the value of religious liberty.

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