HHS Mandate is Not Just a Catholic Issue

Posted by Matt Yonke (February 27, 2012 at 11:52 pm)

Ecumenical stained glass windowTo hear the media tell it, one might think that the fight against the HHS Mandate was an issue of the Catholic Church being belligerent about an issue that only affects the Catholic Church. One might even think that the whole Catholic Church was not being affected, but only a small minority who actually follow the Church’s teaching on life issues.

But nothing could be further from the truth, and people of all faiths are realizing that the HHS Mandate is nothing short of the first salvo in an all-out war on religious liberty.

The flood of lawsuits that have been filed in the wake of the announcement of the mandate—not just from the Catholic Church and Catholic institutions, but from Protestant colleges, several Protestant denominations as well as the Orthodox Churches and non-profit organizations, states and even individuals make it clear that the impact of this mandate reaches far beyond the Catholic Church.

CNS News reports that Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist and Jewish leaders have all sworn to disobey this unlawful mandate. Such vehement agreement across such a panoply of religions is quite rare and signals that something is seriously wrong with this mandate.

What do all these disparate groups see in this mandate that they find so offensive? They see the government attempting to demolish the wall between Church and State. They see the Obama administration trying to define what is and isn’t a religious institution and who is or isn’t a religious minister, just as they tried to do in the Hosanna-Tabor Lutheran Church case.

People whose religious convictions say nothing about contraception realize that if the Obama administration can dictate what religion is to the Catholic Church, their religion will not be far behind.

Which is why we need to stand up together as people of faith, even as people of no faith who respect the freedom of religion protected by the constitution, and fight this unjust mandate.

Speak out against this mandate any way you can. Visit the Take Action Now page to find out what you can do, and join in the Rally on March 23 to join your voices with thousands of others to send a clear message to the Obama administration: Stop the HHS Mandate.

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One Response to “HHS Mandate is Not Just a Catholic Issue”

  1. Robin says:

    As a follower of Jesus Christ I think a couple of things we can do is be in a great deal of prayer concerning this upcoming Rally. We should all be lifting this even and those participating up in prayer for guidance, wisdom, protection and understanding. We should also be sure that we are honoring what God tells us in His word about having a gentle spirit. We can take a stand and still be humble in heart.


    February 29th, 2012 at 6:42 pm