Rain Can’t Stop Ventura Rally for Religious Freedom

Posted by Ed Wurts (October 25, 2012 at 9:49 am)

At corner of Victoria & Telephone High Noon 10-20-12

Great to be there today and out on the street with so many really fine Christian patriots!  If all Americans were like them, we would have NO crisis. This was one of a series of rallies held to protest Obamacare and HHS regulations attempting to compel us to violate our religious beliefs.

A little rain didn’t even slow us down. This was our fourth  such rally, so there was a bit of deja vu and preaching to the choir talk, but we had some new folks and revved up the existing base. A crowd of nearly a hundred people attended.

Three churches and the Ventura County Tea Party were well-represented today. We even had a couple from the Santa Barbara Tea Party.  We not only conveyed our message to the public, but networked, discussed issues and planned future activity.

The Unfit to Rule pamphlet (pictured above in blue) proved very popular, with over 500 copies in English and Spanish disappearing into the hands of Christian patriots. Unfit to Rule takes the original Declaration of Independence complaints against King George and updates them for “King Obama.”  Get them FREE- order quickly.

Participants were really enthusiastic and reached out to thousands of passersby, handing some of them literature, such as “Unfit to Rule,” comparison of Romney v Obama and religious tracts.  We even dialogued with some hostiles, who thought we were trying to deny women contraceptive services and abortions. No, we told them. We just don’t want to -WON’T- be compelled to provide them or pay for them against our convictions.  Media and Democrats have been outrageously lying about this to the public.

We will NOT comply!

We demonstrated against Obamacare in 2009-10, against the “mandate” in 2012. Our answer was the Roberts Supreme Court defying the public, the Constitution, logic, honesty and math.

If you thought we were angry and determined in June, just WAIT until the election. Actually, a lot of us have already voted by absentee ballot. Next year: repeal Obamacare. After that: purge remaining socialist secular humanists from government.

Recommended actions have discussed electoral work, protests and civil disobedience.
All ages and walks of life were represented

Delores on wheels, “STANDS UP” to Obama! Where was Joe Biden when we needed him?

Bob Baker showed up on crutches after his successful hip transplant, pushing the Salt & LightCouncil, advocating multi-church unity.

Tony Dolz was protesting and campaigning (School Board) simultaneously.

So it’s down to the election and the courts. Taking the Presidency and even aone vote Senate majority permits Obamacare repeal (experts say the Roberts court upholding of Obamacare also permits a simple Senate majority for repeal. As far as I’m concerned, it was never legally passed to begin with and is ALSO unconstitutional, but my voice- and yours- evidently mean nothing- a problem we need to fix).

Please send this report link to your churches, friends, associates, Tea Parties.

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